Vintage Packaging: The Newest Trend

One of the hottest trends that are coming out of the packaging, and something that we plan to see in the next coming year, is vintage. While 2020 could be called the “roaring 20’s” this type of packaging is more hearkening towards the old, vintage, packaging that many people who are older remember and like. Why do people like this so much though? Why is it causing such a stir? Well, we’ll highlight why that is in the article below.

So why? Well, it may seem odd since this is the coming future, but one of the biggest trends currently, is vintage. Vintage is in, and it kind of is the antithesis of the current obsession with digital technologies, and that is why people are obsessing these days over the vintage items, whether it be packaging, dress, or otherwise.

So with is it so important to have? Well, the color tones have an air of nostalgia to it, but it also brings forth a quality and luxury feeling of packaging without the price tag of luxury packaging. It makes you look higher-class and higher-quality in terms of packaging without havin to spend the extra money on it. These are definitely the driving factors of this, and it definitely gives off that vibe of the 1920’s as well.

S what about the quality? Well, this one has the quality that customers want from this, and I gives that old school feel.  There is a lot of that, especially from the millennial and gen X generations, and oftentimes, younger people may remember the “good old days” from this as well.

This can be used for pretty much anything, and you should always choose packaging that will help you with this, and you can have different lotions, soaps, and even ice cream and little candies. You can even use this kind of packaging for the electronics and toothpaste that you have. This is a type of imagery that consumers are craving for. Vintage design also is used because quality is the name of the game, and many people like that. people do buy with their eyes, and this kind of packaging does have a nice feel to it.

There is also the fac that when we enter the technology age, many companies and businesses are looking for ways to market their products in order to help those consumers with disengaging from the overly digitized world face as well. Many people are saturated with technology, but with packaging, the vintage feel of this lets us fully disconnect from the modernity of life too.

Finally, this is simple. It doesn’t involve complex packaging with fancy numbers and the like. Instead, it’s a way for you to actually bring forth vintage and other means to really help you get the most out of this. Many times, people want the simple, since it makes things look better, and feel better too. This is a way to capitalize on the market that wants things to be simple.

So yes, vintage packaging is definitely in, and we expect it to be a focal part of the roaring 2020s. with that being said, if you don’t’ know where to begin, there is a lot that you can do. It also does contribute to the age of minimalism in its own way, and it’ll help you with this.  You’ll be able to, with this as well, build a much better form of packaging with this that everyone will love. Consider these options in the coming year for your business, and see the difference that this can certainly make.