Less is More: The Beauty of Minimalism in Packaging

One type of packaging that’s getting more and more traction as of late, is of course minimalism. This does scream “attention” more than anything else, and if you’re not looking to really have some fancy colors or even typography that’s loud and distracting, hen minimalism packaging is the way to go.

The concept of minimalism is simplicity, elegance, and now, it helps with pushing a more aesthetic look to your packaging, without sacrificing anything else in the process. It is working on trying to be more environmentalist with the way packaging is done, and we’ll discuss here too why it’s appealing to be minimalist in modern packaging.

So why is this so popular? Why do people scream less is more when they are talking about their packaging? Well, the thing is, modern marketing is something that’s become super common, and the way everyone does it, is very flashy.  It can be almost over-saturating with the amount of flashiness that comes along with it.  Bright colors, statements made in bold, or even some fonts of text that’s giant is usually used to get the attention of consumers. While that does work, and while AR application is becoming even more popular, one of the things that people still want in this day and age, is of course less. Less is more, especially for those who are overwhelmed by the sheer number of types of products and packaging. There is a growing segment that is becoming polarly opposite of this type of trend.

Minimalist packaging is the answer to this, especially since our world continues to have excessive advertising. Some people are looking to avoid this. After all, why should you spend so much, when you can just do the minimal in order to get people to see it. If you are looking to get advertisements out there, sometimes, working in this area will offset the actions that are happening, and will in turn, help you with improving the message as well.

Simplicity in packaging is a form of rebellion in marketing. While everything else that you see on the shelves, there are other things that you view that are well, simple. Simplicity is something people dream of in their own packaging, and it’s something that will help you with the competition in the insanity of the technicolor and visual markets, which are still quite popular.

These simple designs are going to be pretty popular in the next year, and some people like this because it combats the colors, texts, annoying offers, and general disdain that comes with most of the modern packaging trends. Seriously, people are not into this kind of packaging. They would prefer if you just gave them something simple, and of course, minimalism is somethin that you can consider.

So what is an example of minimalism? Well, a simple white box with your logo for starters is a good one. Keeping the box color he same brown as custom cardboard boxes works wonders too.

It also is great for the environment.  This is great because I brings the focus of the packaging to this kind of material. Minimalism packaging helps with the reduction of content visually in your face, but also reduces the materials that you use within the creation of this, all of which are something that you should consider when you’re trying to improve on your packaging, and your designs of course.

It is the future, it is the big change we’ll be seeing going into 2020, and it’s something that, if you’re looking to really build your brand will help.