Does Packaging Color Matter?

Color psychology is one of the biggest parts of advertising and retail. Your packaging colors have an effect on consumers, and it can turn them on or off to your product, depending on what you use. You need to look at the current demographics, or even the target market, since the colors that you choose to employ will make or break the success of this.

Color psychology isn’t some sort of magic, but it does have a metaphysical feeling on this, and it can have a lot of benefits to your customers.  Do choose ones that’ll invoke the emotions that you want to have invoked, since when it’s done correctly, it creates results that are amazing.

So what colors are right for you?

The biggest thing to understand is the color you choose will make, or even break a sale. From the perspective of a consumer, the color of this will impact you completely, and you should always purchase the right colors for your product. Remember, you need to look at the demographics of the buyer, since this will all play a part in the types of colors that work for you. It is almost like sorcery in a sense, but in reality, it’s more like psychology.

Black for example, helps keep an air of luxury, since I showcases elegance, and it also can mean trust, mourning, or even evil in some cases.  This can also mean that your product evokes power, and it also may have negative connotations, or authority.  It depends on how you use it, but do remember that.

Then there is white. White means clean, pure, and simplicity. It oftentimes means good, since it’s the antithesis of black. White packaging also allows for cleanliness, concise messaging, and of course peace and calm.  It is great for more positive connotations.

Red packaging is used for grabbing attention, or eve high metabolism. That’s why a lot of food products are red. It also creates feelings of passion and excitement, but also danger and warning.

Then there is orange. Orange means that it’s fun, that it’s low-cost. This is great for inexpensive, or even affordable products. However, this is the least favorite color most adults have. However, children like these, so if you sell children’s products, consider this, since it does represent joy, sunshine, and whatnot.

Then there is green, which represents nature and growth. A lot of organic products use hi one, since it does invoke that kind of message. Green is actually forbidden in some countries though, like Indonesia.  Many times, this also does resonate a feeling of safety, security, and eve money. It also showcases endurance and stability, but also is great for mind and body benefitting products.

Yellow is the most visible color, and you’ll see that in retail displays. It does exude happiness, lightheartedness, energy, and even intellect. It also is wonderful since it does attract attention, and does represent honor, along with loyalty.

Purple in consumers means uniqueness, and it isn’t gender related. It also is good for children and females, since it is a bold color. It is a representation of nobility, power, ambition, and of course, dignity, mystery and magic.

Finally, we have blue, which is reliability and trust. Is does give depth and meaning, and gives an air of professionalism.  Light blue means creativity, while dark blues means security and cleanness.

The best way to choose which one is best for you is to look at the audience, and figure out your brand. Do this, and you’ll be much happier with how products are advertised and responded to.

Less is More: The Beauty of Minimalism in Packaging

One type of packaging that’s getting more and more traction as of late, is of course minimalism. This does scream “attention” more than anything else, and if you’re not looking to really have some fancy colors or even typography that’s loud and distracting, hen minimalism packaging is the way to go.

The concept of minimalism is simplicity, elegance, and now, it helps with pushing a more aesthetic look to your packaging, without sacrificing anything else in the process. It is working on trying to be more environmentalist with the way packaging is done, and we’ll discuss here too why it’s appealing to be minimalist in modern packaging.

So why is this so popular? Why do people scream less is more when they are talking about their packaging? Well, the thing is, modern marketing is something that’s become super common, and the way everyone does it, is very flashy.  It can be almost over-saturating with the amount of flashiness that comes along with it.  Bright colors, statements made in bold, or even some fonts of text that’s giant is usually used to get the attention of consumers. While that does work, and while AR application is becoming even more popular, one of the things that people still want in this day and age, is of course less. Less is more, especially for those who are overwhelmed by the sheer number of types of products and packaging. There is a growing segment that is becoming polarly opposite of this type of trend.

Minimalist packaging is the answer to this, especially since our world continues to have excessive advertising. Some people are looking to avoid this. After all, why should you spend so much, when you can just do the minimal in order to get people to see it. If you are looking to get advertisements out there, sometimes, working in this area will offset the actions that are happening, and will in turn, help you with improving the message as well.

Simplicity in packaging is a form of rebellion in marketing. While everything else that you see on the shelves, there are other things that you view that are well, simple. Simplicity is something people dream of in their own packaging, and it’s something that will help you with the competition in the insanity of the technicolor and visual markets, which are still quite popular.

These simple designs are going to be pretty popular in the next year, and some people like this because it combats the colors, texts, annoying offers, and general disdain that comes with most of the modern packaging trends. Seriously, people are not into this kind of packaging. They would prefer if you just gave them something simple, and of course, minimalism is somethin that you can consider.

So what is an example of minimalism? Well, a simple white box with your logo for starters is a good one. Keeping the box color he same brown as custom cardboard boxes works wonders too.

It also is great for the environment.  This is great because I brings the focus of the packaging to this kind of material. Minimalism packaging helps with the reduction of content visually in your face, but also reduces the materials that you use within the creation of this, all of which are something that you should consider when you’re trying to improve on your packaging, and your designs of course.

It is the future, it is the big change we’ll be seeing going into 2020, and it’s something that, if you’re looking to really build your brand will help.

Vintage Packaging: The Newest Trend

One of the hottest trends that are coming out of the packaging, and something that we plan to see in the next coming year, is vintage. While 2020 could be called the “roaring 20’s” this type of packaging is more hearkening towards the old, vintage, packaging that many people who are older remember and like. Why do people like this so much though? Why is it causing such a stir? Well, we’ll highlight why that is in the article below.

So why? Well, it may seem odd since this is the coming future, but one of the biggest trends currently, is vintage. Vintage is in, and it kind of is the antithesis of the current obsession with digital technologies, and that is why people are obsessing these days over the vintage items, whether it be packaging, dress, or otherwise.

So with is it so important to have? Well, the color tones have an air of nostalgia to it, but it also brings forth a quality and luxury feeling of packaging without the price tag of luxury packaging. It makes you look higher-class and higher-quality in terms of packaging without havin to spend the extra money on it. These are definitely the driving factors of this, and it definitely gives off that vibe of the 1920’s as well.

S what about the quality? Well, this one has the quality that customers want from this, and I gives that old school feel.  There is a lot of that, especially from the millennial and gen X generations, and oftentimes, younger people may remember the “good old days” from this as well.

This can be used for pretty much anything, and you should always choose packaging that will help you with this, and you can have different lotions, soaps, and even ice cream and little candies. You can even use this kind of packaging for the electronics and toothpaste that you have. This is a type of imagery that consumers are craving for. Vintage design also is used because quality is the name of the game, and many people like that. people do buy with their eyes, and this kind of packaging does have a nice feel to it.

There is also the fac that when we enter the technology age, many companies and businesses are looking for ways to market their products in order to help those consumers with disengaging from the overly digitized world face as well. Many people are saturated with technology, but with packaging, the vintage feel of this lets us fully disconnect from the modernity of life too.

Finally, this is simple. It doesn’t involve complex packaging with fancy numbers and the like. Instead, it’s a way for you to actually bring forth vintage and other means to really help you get the most out of this. Many times, people want the simple, since it makes things look better, and feel better too. This is a way to capitalize on the market that wants things to be simple.

So yes, vintage packaging is definitely in, and we expect it to be a focal part of the roaring 2020s. with that being said, if you don’t’ know where to begin, there is a lot that you can do. It also does contribute to the age of minimalism in its own way, and it’ll help you with this.  You’ll be able to, with this as well, build a much better form of packaging with this that everyone will love. Consider these options in the coming year for your business, and see the difference that this can certainly make.

How to Get the Most out of Old Packaging

Companies who have been around for a long time will notice that they have outdated packaging equipment, and sometimes it’s even dysfunctional. Older machines aren’t as good for the current packaging that’s out there, and they need a solution. When your machines start to age up, and you need something different? What the heck do you do with them? Are they worth refurbishing, or should you just up and replace them? Well, we’ll tell you.

You should replace these for varying reasons. For starters, if your machinery gets old, it’ll deteriorate, and it oftentimes causes downtime to happen. You could lose out on a ton of time simply because of that. time is money of curse, so you need to figure out how much you’re losing, and whether it would be better if you did try to fix or replace these.

It also loses labor productivity. While you may have amazing employees that get the job done and that you never have to chase up, but the thing is, if they’re working with equipment that’s breaking down day in and day out, they won’t be useful. Even if they are able to help offset the downtime b actually manually packaging things, it won’t be nearly as worth it if the machinery is constantly flopping. Preventative maintenance is your best bet, and in many cases, it’ll provide extended life to your old machinery, while your labor force will always work with the current functioning machinery.

If you don’t have this in place, it’ll completely ruin your packaging.

Then there is the fact that you will miss shipments. That looks bad on you, and many times, customers will hold that against you. This can also ruin your brand. If you miss shipments X, Y, and Z, you’re going to piss off more people. They will leave negative reviews, and you will notice immediately that your business will tank.

It also just isn’t save.  Safety should be at the forefront of your business, and if it isn’t, that’s where you mess up. You should at least refurbish items that aren’t super old, and if it is old and dangerous, you toss this.  You’d be surprised at how much this can inevitably arm your business. Plus, if an employee gets hurt, or even dies on the job, good luck recovering from that. unless you’re a company who can pay off others, or if you’re able to market past this, you’re completely screwed.

Safety is the most important thing you should focus on, and if you’re not doing that, then that’s where the issues lay.

With that being said, the best way to do this, is of course to look at the current equipment, and from there, decide on whether or not you’ll purchase something new, or refurbish the current items. That all depends on what it is that you’re looking to do. Many times, if you purchase new, it can be expensive, but again, that’s par for the course of being a business. You need to focus on making sure that you do take the time to ensure the proper safety and other functions too.

With that being said, do this as soon as you can. In the coming year, it’s more important to be safe than ever before, and you should always work to ensure that you have the best results possible from this.  Take some time, learn to improve on this, and also make sure that you do take the time to really build the best business that you can out of this too.